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Hidden Box

Somewhere to Keep Thoughts

3 September
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I live in a small village in County Durham where precisely nothing happens ever except slightly odd weather. I dream of escaping the boredom and finding my place in the (hopefully more exciting) big wide world. Until then, I like the fantastic life that exists in my mind.

I love role playing and spend a great deal of my time doing just that. I mostly do text based scripted/prose stuff, but I do LARP too. If you're into RPing, send me a note, I'm always looking for new partners in that respect.

I like to write, I would love to do it professionally someday, but it's not something I ever think will happen. For now, I'm happy just to write for me. My writing journal is pirate_phoenix if you want to check it out. I want to be a solicitor, and have been excepted to Law School next year, as long as I get straight As in my exams this year. No problem, right?
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